Classes For Families of Adults

“So thankful for this program. It changed my perspective on mental illness and provided so much education and support.”

“Was a huge blessing to learn, listen and share. To meet others with the same family issues with their loved ones.”

List of Classes for Families of Adults:


Learn about mental illnesses, the brain, treatment, and resources to help a loved one living with a mental illness. Attendees will also build communication skills, reduce stress, find support and discover the common Stages of Emotional Responses when supporting someone with a mental illness. This workshop meets weekly for two and a half hours for 8 weeks, and there is also a web-based version of this course) and is for family and friends of an adult living with a mental illness.  We offer several Family to Family classes in various locations in Minnesota twice per year in the fall and winter/spring. The classes have a cap of 25 participants. You may join up to the 3rd week only, then the class is closed. To register contact the teacher for a short interview. Teachers’ information will be on the class listings when scheduled.  Click here for scheduled classes.

Hope for Recovery

Obtain information about mental illnesses, treatments, crisis management, suicide prevention, the mental health system and local resources along with practical strategies for helping a loved one or friend. This includes learning the LEAP strategy for improving communication; Listen, Empathize, Agree-on what you can, and Partner. It is a six-hour workshop for family and friends of a teen or adult living with a mental illness and people living with a mental illness who are doing well in their recovery.  Click here for scheduled classes.