Classes For Parents and Caregivers of Children

“Wonderful, helpful real-life workshop.” ~ Parent

“Amazing class! I felt supported, engaged and NOT alone on this journey. I really needed this!” ~ Parent

“Talk on process to help kids become more independent was great. So used to doing things for child, and assume he can’t do it. I don’t even think to have him try.” ~ Parent

Below is a list of classes for parents and caregivers of children under 18:

Back to School Anxiety

Going back to school has always been tough. There is a new teacher, new classmates, new routine, and it can be hard to get back into the habit of school after three months of summer. Combine that with fears around a global pandemic and spending an even longer time away from school, and it is no wonder that anxiety behind going back to in-person learning is skyrocketing both for children and parents. Join NAMI Minnesota for our “Back to School Anxiety” presentation, where we will discuss ways to prepare your child for going back to in-person learning, as well as strategies for how to keep their anxiety at bay both during and after school. This is a one-hour class. Click here for scheduled classes.

Children’s Challenging Behaviors

Understand the difference between typical age appropriate behaviors and the challenging behaviors that may be a symptom of something more serious. Learn when and how to seek help, parenting strategies, how to access special education or other educational programs, and learn about resources through insurance and the county to help your child and family. This is a six-hour workshop and is for parents or caregivers of children.  Click here for scheduled classes.

Coping with Kids

This is a one-hour class that talks about the developmental responses youth may have to the current pandemic. We will discuss 5 mental health tips for families and resources in the community. Click here for scheduled classes.

Mental Health Crisis Planning for Families

Learn the symptoms that can lead to a crisis, steps to take, de-escalation techniques and the role of county crisis teams. Develop a crisis plan for your child and family. This is a two-hour class and is for parents or caregivers of children.  Click here for scheduled classes.

Special Education – Helping Students Succeed

Learn the basics about the special education process (evaluation, Individualized Education Plans, students’ rights) and how complex it is.  You will understand the laws and rules that impact children with a mental illness or in the Emotional or Behavioral Disability (EBD) category such as 504 Plans, the use of seclusion and restraints, and discipline policies. You will leave with a better understanding of how you can help your child succeed in school. This is a two-hour class and is for parents or caregivers of children. Click here for scheduled classes.


Learn how to help your teen or young adult access resources to succeed in school, employment and independent living. Understand the rights young adults gain when they reach 18 and how to help guide them if they are not ready to total independence. This is 1.5 hour class and is for parents or caregivers of youth or young adults.  Click here for scheduled classes.

Understanding the Children’s Mental Health System

This 1.5 hour class gives parents and guardians a comprehensive overview of the children’s mental health system, from assessment and diagnosis, to care and treatment, to public health insurance options, to supportive community services and parent advocacy. We review parent/guardian rights in the mental health and school system. Click here for scheduled classes.

Understanding Early Episode Psychosis

Learn about the signs and symptoms of psychosis, causes, treatment options and why early intervention is so important. Participants will learn how to advocate for and help a young person get back to work or school and achieve recovery. This is a two-hour class and is for parents or caregivers of youth or young adults.  Click here for scheduled classes.

You’re the Expert: How to Successfully Advocate for Your Child

This class stresses the value of parent engagement and advocacy to ensure the best care and treatment for your child in the doctor’s office, the mental health system, and in public education settings. We focus on self care so parents and guardians can effectively advocate for their loved one in all settings. This is a 1.5 hour class. Click here for scheduled classes.