Faith Communities

NAMI Minnesota recognizes that:

A person’s faith and spirituality are part of the overall treatment and recovery process for mental illness.

Discrimination, secrecy and shame are among the great obstacles that cause people to wait to receive help for their mental health and for the health of their loved ones. Faith communities play an important role in reducing these obstacles.

The way in which people of faith, in their community and in the broader world, can live out their faith is through justice, education, and care for one another.

For people who find no welcome in the larger community, being welcomed in a house of prayer by a concerned and caring community can make a critical difference for individuals with mental illnesses and their families. Churches, synagogues, mosques and other places of worship can help families learn more about mental illnesses. They can open their doors and their hearts to people living with a mental illness and be a supportive presence in their ongoing recovery.

NAMI  Minnesota works closely with faith-based communities throughout Minnesota to provide education, support, and advocacy for people living with a mental illness, their families, and professionals in pastoral care. We are grateful for the many donations of event space at your houses of worship for our support groups and educational programs.

If you are interested in developing a mental health ministry at your faith community, please contact or 651-645-2948 x113.