In Our Own Voice

In Our Own Voice (IOOV) is a unique public education program in which two trained speakers share compelling personal stories about living with a mental illness and achieving recovery. If you are interested in taking the training to become a presenter, please contact

Speaker Quotes

In Our Own Voice  Brian Hutchins 
“I hope people will recognize a clear example of successfully working with mental illness. That this example will be a useful tool for them. And, that together we will move forward with hope.”  


In Our Own Voice Albert Garcia 
“Telling my story helps me reach out to teach others there is no shame, we are who we are and I’m proud to share what I go through with my mental health.” 


In Our Own Voice Megan Mulkey 
“I am me, listen and you will hear your voice. Look at me and you will see yourself. We are at peace. I hope my story will help others understand themselves and not be afraid. It takes encouragement and insight to live a life. We are all touched by mental health.”


In Our Own Voice Stephanie Beadell 
“I am always surprised by how forthcoming, empathetic, and compassionate people are when I talk about my mental illness. I fear stigma, but, more often than not, I find shared experience. It’s a brilliant and beautiful thing to realize I’m not alone; I hope that through In Our Own Voice, I can help others realize it, too.”


In Our Own Voice Dale Kroc
“I chose to be a presenter through IOOV in order to pass on the help that has been given to me. I hate to see people suffer when there is help available.”


In Our Own Voice Bruce Ario
“I think the hardest thing to do when you have a mental illness is to reach out. IOOV is a way to do that.”

IOOV Presenter Training

Anyone experiencing a mental illness and living in recovery can apply and NAMI Minnesota hopes this includes applications from people who have benefited from the Individual Placement Service (IPS) model of supportive employment. Click here for an online volunteer application. For a more detailed description of IOOV on the NAMI National website, including a short video, click here.