Request Publications

Request Publications

NAMI Minnesota is proud to be able to offer most of our programs at no cost to the community. To do that, NAMI depends largely on individual donations to carry out our mission. If you are able, please consider making a donation to help cover the cost of printing and/or shipping your publication order.

In your email request to, please include your name, shipping address, the publications you would like to receive and the quantity of each publication. Allow 1-2 weeks for fulfillment and shipping based on availability.

Suggested donation amounts are listed for your convenience. All donations are greatly appreciated and help us fulfill our mission of working to improve the lives of children and adults with mental illnesses and their families.

I want to make a donation to cover the cost of these publications:  DONATE HERE.


NAMI Minnesota has published a number of resource booklets for adults, children and the general public. Please indicate which booklets below you would like to request.

Co-Occurring Disorders – Substance Use Disorders and Mental Illnesses – Price: $2.00

Criminal Justice – Advocating for an Adult with Mental Illness – Price: $2.00

Juvenile Justice – Advocating for a Child Booklet – Price: $2.00

Hope for Recovery – MN Adult Mental Health Resource Guide – Price: $2.00

Keeping Families Together – MN Youth Mental Health Resource Guide – Price: $2.00

Mental Health Crisis Planning – Adult – Price: $1.00

Mental Health Crisis Planning for Children (English) – Price: $1.00

Mental Health Crisis Planning for Children (Spanish) – Price: $1.00

MN Legislative Action Guide – Price: $1.00

Psychiatric Hospitalization – What you Need to Know When a Loved One is Hospitalized (Adult) – Price: $1.00

Psychiatric Hospitalization – What you Need to Know When a Child is Hospitalized (Youth) – Price: $1.00

Transitions – Supporting Your Young Adult with a Mental Illness – Price: $2.00

Understanding Data Privacy Laws – Rules and Resources for Obtaining Mental Health Care Information -Price: $1.00

Understanding the MN Civil Commitment Process – Price: $2.00

Understanding Psychosis in Youth – Resources and Recovery – Price: $2.00



Awareness Posters:

How to Help – Price: $3.00

Personal Stories of Recovery (Mixed) – Price: $5.00



NAMI Minnesota has published a number of resource cards. Please indicate the single cards you wish to receive below. You can order sets of 25 cards below.

General NAMI Contact/Information – Price: $0.00

Youth Resources – Price: $0.00

Provider Resources – Price: $0.00

Parent Resources (Metro) – Price: $0.00

Public Awareness Presentations – Price: $0.00

NAMI Support Groups – Price: $0.00

Open Door Support Group (Metro) – Price: $0.00

Suicide Prevention Programming – Price: $0.00

Advocacy – Get Involved – Price: $0.00

Mental Illnesses: An Overview – Price: $0.00

Mental Illnesses in Youth: An Overview – Price: $0.00

Recognizing Psychosis in Youth – Price: $0.00


NAMI Minnesota Resource Cards (Set Of 25)

You may order sets (Quantity = 25) of resource cards below for a cost of $0.75 per set.

General NAMI Contact/Information – Price: $0.75

Youth Resources – Price: $0.75

Provider Resources – Price: $0.75

Parent Resources (Metro) – Price: $0.75

Public Awareness Presentations – Price: $0.75

NAMI Support Groups – Price: $0.75

Open Door Support Group (Metro) – Price: $0.75

Suicide Prevention Programming – Price: $0.75

Advocacy – Get Involved – Price: $0.75

Mental Illnesses: An Overview – Price: $0.75

Mental Illnesses in Youth: An Overview – Price: $0.75

Recognizing Psychosis in Youth – Price: $0.75

Partner Package (Mixed Bundle Containing 1 of Each Information/Resource Card) – Price: $0.75



You Are Not Alone Bookmark (Set of 10) – Price: $0.25

Parent Resources Magnet – Price: $0.50

First Responder Booklet – Price: $1.00

NAMI MN Strategic Plan – Price: $1.00

Supporting Your Soldier DVD – Price: $5.00