NAMI Multicultural Young Adult Advisory Board

Wellness in Color Campaign

In July 2018, our NAMI Multicultural Young Adult Advisory Board members embarked on a two-day retreat to begin creating our “Wellness in Color” campaign. Our goal: to reach our collective cultural communities through positive reflections on wellness through discussions on why community members do not seek help for themselves or their loved one living with a mental illness.  Over the past year, board members have engaged in discussions of their personal experiences and those of their community when seeking  understanding or help for their mental illness.  Many of the discussions revealed the discrimination that community members faced in their search for information or help.

With the “Wellness in Color” campaign, the Board’s mission is to audio record  the mental health narratives of people from cultural communities and share these experiences on various digital platforms, in order to reshape the cultural language of mental illness. Through these individual stories and experiences, the Board’s goal is to help others within their communities see that having a mental illness, talking about it and reaching out for help is nothing to be ashamed of.  Photo below from July Retreat (L-R) Kayla Marek, Amy Wang, Vang Xor Xiong, Cynthia Fashaw, Mai Yee Chang and Caroline Ludy.

Multicultural Advisory Board retreat

Advisory Board

The Multicultural Young Adult Advisory Board will assist NAMI Minnesota in providing education and outreach to build positive relationships with Minnesota’s multicultural communities. Activities include offering input on NAMI Minnesota’s outreach efforts, programs, and resources. This will include development of an anti-stigma presentation and campaign, collaborations on recommendations to bridge understanding of a bicultural approach to mental illness, as well as representing NAMI Minnesota within diverse communities.

Meetings and Commitment:             

  • Serve a 1 year term (August – July)
  • Attend monthly committee meetings
  • Attend networking events within diverse communities
  • Actively and positively represent NAMI Minnesota within the community.



  • Young adults between the ages of 18 -35 who are passionate about actively serving the multicultural population of Minnesota.


  • Passion, commitment or desire to understand current issues regarding mental health and social justice
  • Person with lived experience of mental health condition or a family member

Board members will benefit by gaining experience volunteering for a nonprofit, and will receive mental health psychoeducation and peer -support training. Members will assist in developing and piloting public awareness presentations, and will be able to attend NAMI Minnesota’s state mental health conference, research dinner and annual mental health walk. 

If you are interested in becoming a Multicultural Young Adult Board member please send an email expressing your interest to:, attn: Cynthia Fashaw.