Mental Health Month Challenge

Download the challenge here. Download the “Why Care?” social media profile photo (Challenge Day 1) here. View it below

Join NAMI Minnesota in our Mental Health Awareness Month #ShareWhyYouCare campaign! Now more than ever it is important for members of the mental health movement to come together and support one another and ourselves during these times of high anxiety and isolation. Every day in May NAMI Minnesota will be sharing wellness activities as a community. From getting outside to listening to a favorite song to sending a message to a loved ones, we hope that each activity provides a moment for self-care and connection.

Whether you’re able to complete one day, or the whole month with us we would love to have your support! Here’s how to get started:

Download the #ShareWhyYouCare Calendar or scroll down to see what activities are planned for the month ahead.

Get started by sharing the Share Why You Care image. Save it as your profile picture, background photo or as decoration in your space.

Let us know how your experiences are going! Share daily updates, photos or videos of each activity using #NAMIMinnesota and #ShareWhyYouCare.

Contact with any other questions that you may have on how to get involved!


MH Month Challenge for each day in May

“Why Care?” social media profile photo (Challenge Day 1).