Local Leadership

Join or Start a NAMI Affiliate

NAMI Affiliates are grassroots chapters created by small groups of volunteers who embrace the mission of NAMI and take action at the local level. Most local affiliates meet on a monthly basis to share information, plan activities, learn about issues related to mental illnesses, and advocate for the needs of people within their community.

There are many ways to carry out the mission  – including joining the leadership team of or starting a local Affiliate club chapter, helping with a local social or educational event, advocating for mental health through the county board, and/or pushing back against NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) which prevents new services from developing.

To learn more about your local affiliate or starting an affiliate near you, check out the AFFILIATE MAP  or contact us at affliates@namimn.org.

Affiliate Leader

Affiliate Leaders work closely with local NAMI members to promote positive mental health in their communities, address community needs, organize events and advocate for mental health. Tasks vary based on both the community needs and the Affiliate Leader’s goals, but in general, volunteers are expected to:

  • Attend regular affiliate leadership meetings to collaborate on the creation and promotion of local events, educational sessions and fundraising activities
  • Foster professional relationships with community organizations, local NAMI members, service providers, and allies.
  • Serve as a point of contact for members of your community, connecting them with important mental health resources and events.
  • Build a network of local leaders and volunteers to engage more people in NAMI’s mission and address local needs.


  • 6-10+ Hours Monthly (2 Hours for Affiliate Leadership Meetings, 4-8 Hours Outside Meetings)
  • One Year of active service as an Affiliate Leader
  • Self-directed and able to work independently on projects.
  • Able to present a professional appearance when representing NAMI Minnesota

Spring Gala Committee Member

Each spring, NAMI hosts a gala featuring dinner, entertainment, and a silent auction. This annual fundraiser helps support NAMI Minnesota’s free peer-led support groups, educational programs, and advocacy work. Members of this committee contribute their time and energy to plan, prepare for and carry out this annual event. Duties include soliciting sponsorships, procuring auction items, distributing publicity material, and recruiting guests.


  • Monthly committee planning meetings, December/January through May
  • Comfortable asking for support from personal, business, and community contacts
  • Ability to work independently
If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact us at events@namimn.org

Young Adult Multicultural Committee

The Young Adult Multicultural Advisory Board helps build positive relationships with local multicultural communities by providing input on our programs, resources, and outreach efforts; and by serving as ambassadors in their community. If you have Q’s about the committee, please feel free to email us at multiculturalintern@namimn.org


  • Candidates must be between the ages of 18-30, and passionate about actively serving the multicultural population of Minnesota
  • Serve a minimum of a 1-year term (August – July)
  • Attend monthly committee meetings and various networking events within diverse communities
  • Candidates must be either a family member of someone who lives with mental illness or someone living well in recovery

 NAMIWalks Committee Member

Join the leadership team for one of the largest events in the state to promote understanding of mental illness and ensure ongoing funding for NAMI Minnesota’s programs. Committee Members help prepare for, organize and execute the huge undertaking that is NAMIWalks – from the Kick-Off Breakfast through the Post-Walk Party. Duties include soliciting donations, distributing publicity material, recruiting walkers and forming teams.


  • Monthly committee planning meetings, March through September
  • Comfortable approaching personal, business and community contacts
  • Ability to work independently

If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact us at events@namimn.org