Upcoming Trainings

List of Upcoming Trainings:

Hope for Recovery Teacher Training

We will offer Hope For Recovery Teacher Training on Feb. 27, 2021. This will be a virtual training. Those interested must have previous knowledge on mental illnesses. Please contact Mailyn at mdornfeld@namimn.org for more information.

Family-to-Family Teacher Training

Family-to-Family Teacher Training will be held on March 6 & 7, 2021. This will be a virtual class. To teach this 8 week course you must have taken the F2F class and have approval. Contact Marilyn at mdornfeld@namimn.org for more information.

Healthcare for Heroes – Self-Care for Senior Caregivers (online training)

Learn some self-care strategies as you provide extraordinary care for older adults during this stressful time of COVID-19 with this Free, Interactive Online Training (Click Here). The training is about 20 minutes long and can be viewed on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

The suggested audience for the training is caregivers for older adults living in care centers, assisted living, their own home and adult foster care settings. We offer this short training on self-care to help you develop personal strategies for the coming months to help you manage stress as you continue to offer help, hope and healing to those in your care.

It was developed by NAMI Minnesota in collaboration with Kathleen McCubbin of McCubbin Training and Heidi Simpson of LeadingAge Minnesota with funding from LDI (Liberty Diversified International).

In Our Own Voice Speaker Training

This training will be held on March 6. For more information, contact Cherolyn at peerprogramcoordinator@namimn.org.

NAMI Minnesota Volunteer Orientation Sessions and Online Trainings

If you are interested in volunteering with NAMI Minnesota. Please email volunteer.resources@namimn.org and let us know if you plan to attend one of our online volunteer orientation sessions. Find them, here.
For more information, contact volunteer.resources@namimn.org.