Online Survey About Psychosis and Traumatic Experiences

This study is an anonymous online survey about psychosis and traumatic experiences. The goal of this study is to learn how traumatic events may contribute to developing psychosis, and how experiencing psychosis may cause trauma. The goal of this study is to increase our understanding of the relationship between psychosis and trauma by learning directly from the people who have these experiences.

At the end of the anonymous survey, participants will have the option to provide their contact information. If contact information is provided, the researchers may contact participants for a follow-up telephone interview. Participants may receive compensation for completing the anonymous survey. Every tenth participant will receive a $50 digital gift card sent to an email address provided at the end of the survey.

Participants may be eligible for this study if they are: Aged 18 or older, and have experienced psychosis, with or without a formal diagnosis. There will be approximately 100 people participating in this study.

If you have questions about research at NAMI, please visit or email If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the researcher at This study takes place online. To participate, please click here. (Posted 9-10-2020)