NAMI in the Lobby Volunteer

Provide support to family members and friends who have a loved one in a local hospital. NAMI in the Lobby volunteers provide resources, education, and hope to others, share their personal experiences, and help to make the hospital environment more welcoming.


  • Must be a family or friend of someone living with mental illness and have visited that person in an inpatient setting
  • Volunteers concurrently serve with NAMI and the hospital site to provide this service


Join or Start a NAMI Affiliate

NAMI Affiliates are created by groups of individuals who embrace the mission of NAMI—to advocate for access to services, treatment, support and research and as an organization is steadfast in its commitment to raising awareness and building a community of hope for all of those in need. NAMI Affiliates and the grassroots volunteers who lead them are the heart of NAMI.

There are varied opportunities to carry out the mission, including starting support groups in the community, raising awareness, bringing educational classes to the community, advocating for increased funding for mental health through the county board and pushing back against NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) which prevents new services from developing.

Volunteer leaders come to NAMI with a passion to dedicate their time and resources to facilitate support groups, teach NAMI signature programs, advocate for mental health systems change and foster peer relationships that empower and strengthen new leadership. Very few volunteer leaders come to NAMI with a goal of running and growing a small business. Yet, that’s exactly what NAMI Affiliates are–entities of varying sizes and capacity offering NAMI programs and services in the community.


To learn more about starting an affiliate, please contact us at affliates@namimn.org.

Young Adult Multicultural Committee

The Multicultural Young Adult Advisory Board assists NAMI Minnesota in providing education and outreach to build positive relationships with Minnesota’s multicultural communities. This committee offers input on NAMI Minnesota’s outreach efforts, programs and resources. This will include development of an anti-stigma presentation and campaign, collaborating on recommendations to bridge understanding of a bicultural approach to mental illness, as well as representing NAMI Minnesota within diverse communities.


  • Young adults between the ages of 18 -35 who are passionate about actively serving the multicultural population of Minnesota
  • Serve a 1-year term (August – July)
  • Attend monthly committee meetings.
  • Attend networking events within diverse communities
  • Actively and positively represent NAMI Minnesota within the community.
  • Passion, commitment or desire to understand current issues regarding mental health and social justice
  • Person with lived experience of mental health condition or a family member

Board members will benefit by gaining experience volunteering for a nonprofit, and will receive mental health psychoeducation and peer-support training. Members will assist in developing and piloting public awareness presentations, and will be able to attend NAMI Minnesota’s state mental health conference, research dinner and annual mental health walk.

If you are interested in becoming a Multicultural Young Adult Board member please send an email expressing your interest to multiculturalintern@namimn.org.