Research Study for Young Adults in Early Psychosis Treatment

Voluntary Research Study for Young Adults in Early Psychosis Treatment Programs

This study is an assessment of an online education and support tool for people currently receiving treatment for early psychosis. Study participants will first meet virtually with the research team to provide informed consent and complete a brief survey. Individuals will then be given access to one of two online platforms – a portal with educational resources and videos, or an interactive “role-playing game” designed to build skills and support recovery. The goal of the study is to measure how effective the role-playing game is in supporting treatment engagement and participant empowerment in an online self-directed environment.

All engagement with the research team will be virtual. Participants will be asked to do a brief assessment after 2 months and again after 5 months, and will be paid for their participation.

Participants may be eligible for this study if they:
– Are currently enrolled in an Early Psychosis treatment program in the United States.
– Are between the ages of 18 and 30
– Speak English
– Have a working email address and regular access to a computer, laptop or tablet with a webcam.

There will be 200 people participating in this study. This study takes place entirely online. Participants from anywhere in the U.S. are eligible. If you have questions or would like more information, please refer to the website ( You may also contact the research team directly at (Posted 5-20-2020)