Social Support and Recovery

Social wellness is a crucial dimension of health and wellness that is often overlooked. Through building a support system,  individuals are able to share their experiences, bring hope to others in recovery and promote a sense of belonging within a community. Sometimes people isolate themselves from friends and family when they are facing a challenge. It is important to develop relationships with others to validate feelings and continue to move along the road to recovery.

Social wellness has the ability improve wellbeing and increase longevity. Researchers at Harvard University have investigated the biological and behavioral factors that contribute to the health benefits of building relationships. They discovered that developing connections with others “helps relieve harmful levels of stress, which can adversely affect coronary arteries, gut function, insulin regulation, and the immune system.” Similar research also discovered that caring behaviors may release hormones to relieve stress.

Where Can You Find Social Support?

Support Groups: connect with community members facing similar challenges

Friends and Family: strengthen relationships with close friends and family members who want to support you

Online Supportive Resources: self-help options, professional resources, and information

Drop in Centers: casual meeting places designed to provide recreational, educational, or counseling services

Clubhouses: build friendships, strengthen skills to improve  family relationships, pursue employment and education opportunities, and identify services and support needed to continue recovery

There are two accredited clubhouses in Minnesota, which are listed below. The Accreditation process is both evaluative and consultative. It is conducted by members of the Clubhouse International Faculty, which is composed of veteran members and staff from Accredited Clubhouses around the world.

Vail Place (Hopkins)
23-9th Avenue South
Hopkins, Minnesota, 55343
Phone: 952-945-4226

Vail Place (Minneapolis)
1412 West 36th Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55408
Phone: 952-945-4260